Oregon’s justice system adjusts for COVID-19 response

Originally published by KOIN 6 News on 19/03/2020


Oregon’s criminal justice system is enacting sweeping changes temporarily to combat the spread of Covid-19. Those changes include individual sheriff’s offices attempting to curb the possibility of an outbreak of the virus in jails and restrictions on in-person court proceedings. How the measures are enacted can vary from county to county but efforts include: – holding conference calls with a variety of organizations as a way for sheriffs to discuss plans and share information; – carefully evaluating who gets booked into jail facilities in order to limit intake; -get low risk offenders out of jail as soon as possible; -environmental precautions; -social distancing; -screening of individuals being taken into custody, with any answer being indicative of a virus triggering a jail nurse for further assessment; -allowing deputies to issue citations to appear in court at a later date for lesser offenses; -suspending social visits; -checking the temperature of arrested persons prior to entry and potentially not admitting the person if they have an abnormally high fever and/or cough; -increase in cleaning of the jail

Covid-19 Regulation Index

Covid-19 Regulation Index

Contratos Coronavirus

Covid-19 Resources

Resolution No. 314

Decree No. 271

DECREE 538 OF 2020


Decree No. 513

Decree No. 10.285

Resolution No. 17

Decree 417 of 2020

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