Originally published by The Dallas Morning News on 24/03/2020


It has been proved that the first COVID-19 at the borders were imported by people with the means to travel abroad, specifically Spain and New York City.Nowadays, migrants are forced to be kept in Mexico until the contingency is solved.Camps and shelters at borders lack medical attention and medical supplies to face this disease. They are usually full and in precarious conditions.However, the NGO Global Response Management (GRM) has started the construction of a hospital in Matamoros’ Camp that will be ready the first week of April 2020 with 20 beds ready to treat patients with COVID-19.Also, the medical team installed more than 50 hand washing stations as well as 150 bathrooms.This group has also designed an action plan to respond in case hospitals are up to the maximum capacity. They will also be supplying medicine from Texas, to help vulnerable people in the migration camp.