A Heartfelt Appeal on Behalf of Incarcerated Youth During Pandemic

Originally published by David Domenici; published with permission on The Chronicle of Social Change on 26/03/2020


The Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings is an organization that operates schools in the New Orleans detention center and adult jail, assists in the educational transition of youth coming home and partners with systems around the country to improve education in facilities. David Domenici, the founder, wrote in an email to colleagues that has since been re-published that: Children in detention are afraid and at a high risk of exposure. Each passing day increases trauma, risk and long term mental health scars. The institutions in which they are held are not designed to support individuals facing a Covid-19 infection.The organization is delivering curriculum to schools and facilities that will work for students even with staff shortages and limited technology access.At a policy level, suggests that nearly all juvenile held pretrial in an adult jail or juvenile detention center should be released.On a personal level, children and teens in confinement need to know they are not alone and that society cares for them. They have started a month long note card and letter writing campaign. Join here: https://form.jotform.com/200824983946062?mc_cid=f153fb7536&mc_eid=b10cd0ed54

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