Un llamado para ayudar a los adultos mayores, prostitutas y niños en cárceles en México

Originally published by El País; Verne on 26/03/2020


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the most vulnerable groups or people are (i) elder people; (ii) prostitutes; (iii) women that are violence victims; and (iv) children that live in prison. This, because they do not receive help from authorities.As a result of this pandemic, a group called “#MiBarrioMeRespalda” (translation: My Neighborhood Supports Me) requests help for people in the same area to obtain health support.In prisons, the higher risk are for kids that live along their detained mothers, and that if they get the virus they might not have access to health services.Normally family visitors are responsible for providing them with the basic basket and hygiene supplies, but as visitors have been reduced and corruption is on the agenda, they have difficulties providing these supplies to the children.They are requesting donations through Non Governmental Organizations, such as Integra, in order to receive these hygiene supplies to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Covid-19 Regulation Index

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