Local Childcare Centeres Suffer from Lack of Smartphones and Laptops

Originally published by Joongang Sunday on 03/04/2020


As with elementary, middle and high schools nationwide, local childcare centers and nurseries have been forced to close facilities and convert to an online class system. In light of the comparative lack of resources, local childcare centers and nurseries (funded by local government) are suffering from a lack of smartphones and laptops necessary to accommodate online classes.This problem is increasing in scale as schools shut down and more children are flocking to local care centers and nurseries. Families of such children very often lack mobile devices and laptops at homes to facilitate online classes.The problem is exacerbated as these facilities more often serve the low-income demographics. Children are often left to tend to themselves alone during the daytime, during which parents are out to work. The problem also affects students in the latter years of middle and high school, during which academic progress is more pivotal than in other periods.

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