Pide la ONU a México tomar medidas “urgentes” en cárceles para impedir brote de coronavirus

Originally published by Infobae on 12/04/2020


According to reports, more than 200,936 people are in jails around Mexico. At least 63% of theses premises have deficient conditions of material and hygiene.These factors make the inmates more vulnerable to COVID-19, as it implies it is difficult to have social distancing.The UN said it is “urgent” to take measures in this regard, including, (i) enough health personnel; (ii) enough drinking water and water for showering; and (iii) that once a week, hygiene and disinfection products are provided to the inmates.They also recommend to have a review point when people arrive to the prison, including family members and children that live inside the premises with their mother.Also, in case of emergency, they must transfer the inmate to the hospital to be treated and avoid the infection within the prison premises.

Covid-19 Regulation Index

Covid-19 Regulation Index

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Resolution No. 314

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DECREE 538 OF 2020


Decree No. 513

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Decree 417 of 2020

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