La lucha contra el coronavirus: una mirada a América Latina

Originally published by El Nuevo Dia on 18/04/2020


It must be understood that the coronavirus outbreak found the countries of the region in a disparate health situation, a worrying fact considering that this virus cannot be fought without hygiene.In El Salvador, water supply is a serious problem that mainly affects the metropolitan area, where there are colonies that have spent up to 15 days without service.Protocols adopted in response to the pandemic, LATAM countries generally follow very similar guidelines that include prevention measures with border and airport closures, mandatory home confinement, hygiene measures at the personal, work and home levels (hand washing, use of masks and disinfection of objects and clothing), as well as specific strategies for social distancing, hygiene and isolation for suspicious and asymptomatic cases.El Salvador indicates that there is a public campaign of clarification in the country “permanently intensified by the disinformation they also launch. Since February the government created the Expanded Health Cabinet and allocated $8.5 million to treat the pandemic, efforts have been made between the Ministry of Health and the mayors, as well as the Municipal Civil Protection Directorates. The declaration of national emergency unifies all measures”

Covid-19 Regulation Index

Covid-19 Regulation Index

Contratos Coronavirus

Covid-19 Resources

Resolution No. 314

Decree No. 271

DECREE 538 OF 2020


Decree No. 513

Decree No. 10.285

Resolution No. 17

Decree 417 of 2020

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