Resolution No. 314

Originally published by SUPREMO TRIBUNAL FEDERAL on 20/04/2020


Resolution n. 314/2020, issued on April 20, 2020, to (i) suspend procedural deadlines of administrative, federal and state courts (with the exception of Federal Supreme Court and Electoral Court); and (ii) regulate that servants/judges/others shall work from home.The suspension of the deadlines and recommendation that people work from home to reduce the number of people circulating in the cities are probably positive. But there are no official results about such measures.The resolution that determined that servants/judges/others shall work from home is positive to contain COVID-19. However, those measures impacted, negatively, the economy because it reduced attorneys work (for example, the hearings are not occurring, so the attorneys have no work during this period). Also, despite the fact that the servants/judges are working remotely, some Courts are not working at the same pace which impacts those who are awaiting a court order/decision.

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