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Joint efforts to implement safeguards when using digital innovations in justice for children...

In response to the global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, courts around the world had to find innovative ways to continue functioning. That's when the concept of virtual courts, also known as "digital justice," emerged. Digital justice refers to the use of digital technologies to conduct remote hearings and other justice proceedings, replacing the traditional in-person approach.

At Justice With Children, we recognise the importance of understanding both the benefits and potential risks associated with the continuation of virtual courts beyond the Covid-19 era. We advocate for ensuring that these virtual courts meet legal requirements, respect procedural principles, and protect children's rights.


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Our work

  • The Global initiative celebrates the successful integration of Digital justice for children into Lever 4 of the "Justice for Children, Justice for All: Agenda for Action."
  • Launched "Resilient Child Justice Systems in a Time of Pandemic" research project, with pro bono support from Baker McKenzie and Google legal department. Through interviews with judges, magistrates, and key stakeholders handling criminal cases involving children from various countries across the globe, we gained insights into pre, during and post-pandemic practices, the implementation of virtual hearings, and their impact on children's access to justice. Our analysis has led to practical recommendations that promote fairness, protect children's rights, and foster an inclusive digital environment.


Working group of experts on digital justice for children in conflict with the law

Since 2023, the Global Initiative has established a pro bono Working group of experts on digital justice for children in conflict with the law integrated by international experts with knowledge on virtual courts, remote hearings, artificial intelligence in justice proceedings, and access to justice for children in a digital context.

This working group aims to contribute to, review and promote research in collaboration with Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies’ working group on “Justice For Children, Justice for all”, in two main areas of study:

  1. Digital Child Justice at large with elements regarding remote hearings and use of artificial intelligence
  2. Virtual courts in child justice

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