European Regional Preparatory Meeting for the next World Congress on Justice With Children.

On the 29th of June 2020, took place the virtual preparatory meeting for the next World Congress on Justice with Children to discuss the situation of children in contact and conflict with the law in Europe. This virtual meeting constituted a unique opportunity to define key challenges, trends as well as advocacy priorities in child justice.

Among the themes which was addressed:

Theme 1: Procedural safeguards in Europe for #children in conflict with the law,
Theme 2: Rights of child victims under EU law,
Theme 3: Right to non-discrimination in access to justice for children,

Experts, stakeholders, academics, Ngos and representatives of European institutions such as Council of Europe, European Parliament, European Commission, Fundamental Right Agency, addressed the current challenges to define key recommendations for the next World Congress and for formulating European strategies on child justice.

The full details of the meeting can be found here.