UNDER 25’s

Child & Youth Advisory Group – Information Sheet

Why are we setting up child and youth advisory groups?

Children and young people have a right to be heard and express their views freely. This means that adults have an obligation to make space for their views to be expressed freely and to take those views into consideration in decisions that affect them. Too often, children in contact with justice systems do not have their views heard or responded too.

We want to change this. We’re offering you the chance to get involved in the first global partnership for justice with children, where children and young people with experience can work alongside adult supporters and influence change to at the highest levels.

During the World Congress, there will be an audience of hundreds of decision-makers in justice systems from across the world, and we aim to create a space where the views and experiences of children and young people like yourself are at the centre of the conversation.

Because, through your lived experience in navigating justice systems, you are also experts, and we commit to ensuring your expertise is heard and valued.

What is asked from members of the child & youth advisory group?

On average, the child & youth advisory group will meet virtually for 1.5 hours, two or three times per month. These meetings will include skills-building sessions, team-building sessions and workshops on specific topics. A range of sessions will be provided, and members of the group will be free to choose to participate in the sessions that most interest them.

      • Give feedback and provide ideas on the design and set-up of the Congress
      • An average of 2 online meetings per month of 1 hour each, with the international group of young people, over 9 months (March – November).
      • Participation during the World Congress from 15th to 20th November 2021.

What will the children and youth gain from being involved in the JWC advisory group?

      • Be able to communicate your ideas and vision for change during the World Congress in November to an audience of international justice decision makers
      • Skills-building workshops so that you can learn new knowledge and techniques linked to advocating for children’s rights.
      • Meeting other children & young people from other countries, to share and learn from your experiences together.
      • The opportunity to work on the organisation of the whole event, or on a project about imagining the future of justice systems, or on a video project. You get to choose what work you are most interested in.
      • All members of the advisory groups will receive a certificate of participation and a ‘goody-bag’ of vouchers for online purchases.

We are keen to work with young people who are passionate about defending human rights and who want to work with others in order to advocate for changes in justice systems.