World Congress on Justice With Children

Child and Youth Advisory Group

Creating a better place for children in justice

Child & Youth Advisory Group – Information Sheet

The 2021 World Congress Child and Youth Advisory Group, is a group of young and ambitious people under 25 years old, with knowledge and experience in child justice systems. The 2021 Congress involves engagement with children and youth to help shape the Congress and act as a voice for Justice With Children. They advocate for non-discrimination and promote impartial and child friendly justice systems by drawing from and sharing their own experiences with the justice system, in order to allow other children and youth to enjoy their right to have equal access to justice. Children and the Youth’s voices count!

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Why are we setting up child and youth advisory groups?

The aim of the Congress is to gather children and adults that are specialized in different areas of justice – including policymakers, civil society representatives and child and youth advocates – to address the challenges faced by children in contact with justice systems.

The Right to be Heard:

Children and youth have a right to be heard and express their views freely. This means that adults have an obligation to make space for children to share their views and take them into consideration in decisions that affect them. Children in contact with justice systems are more likely to not have their views heard or responded to.

Our Targets: 

  • Promote child-friendly justice systems;
  • Stimulate policy makers, law makers, civil society representatives and child and youth advocates to advance children’s rights;
  • Engage and connect various actors and specialists in the field of child justice.

We are keen to work with young people who are passionate about defending human rights and who want to work with others in order to advocate for changes in justice systems.

Willing to join?

How to register:

Register here and look out on our Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages for the next steps.

Keeping children and young people safe

It’s important to note that some sessions will cover sensitive topics, such as children who experience violence or children who are in prison. Some children and young people may find this disturbing. So we recommend that you inform a trusted adult about your interest to attend the Congress, any who can support you if you have any questions or if you are disturbed by anything that is shared during the sessions. It’s crucial that children who participate in the event are safe. The Terre des hommes Child Safeguarding Policy is the basis for keeping children safe during the World Congress. If you have any urgent questions about your safety while attending a session at the World Congress, you can email: Thank you.

Child Safeguarding Policy
and Code of Conduct

Política de Protección de la Infancia
y Código de Conducta

Politique de Sauvegarde des Enfants
et Code de Conduite

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