Originally published by The Crime Report, TCR Staff on 20/03/2020


Former and current heads of juvenile agencies have warned that the 43,000 young people currently in custody are among those at the highest risk of contracting Covid-19. Correctional administrators and juvenile justice advocates are calling for the immediate release of youths in detention facilities. Advocates are writing to governors and other officials calling for the release of children facing juvenile court proceedings, removing those who already have Covid-19 symptoms and, with the exception of those determined to pose a substantial safety risk to others, eliminating any form of detention or incarceration for youth. Juvenile justice chiefs have said all currently incarcerated youth who can be safely cared for in their homes should immediately be release and also recommended: ending probation supervision for youth who have displayed no behavioral issues; creating a coronavirus safety plan that would include procedures to protect medically vulnerable young people; and, facilitate family contact for those who continue to be incarcerated through videoconferencing and other means.