Accelerate Release of Children from Detention on the Times of Covid-19



Join us on the 7th of october 2020 from 3pm to 4.30pm CET for a international webinar of global experts discussing new resources to help professionals dealing with the situation of children deprived of liberty in time of covid 19.

Terre des hommes partnered with Baker Mckenzie, IBCR, PRI and AIMJF, to create a resource which aims to accelerate the release of children from detention around the world, during COVID-19. The web page, which includes a policy and practice brief, as well as operational guidelines, aims to provide urgent guidance to those working in youth justice. The resources provided summarise international legal instruments and regional mechanisms that are relevant to evaluating the circumstances of children in these settings, and present a set of policy recommendations, illustrated by practical examples of rapid response actions to realise children’s fundamental rights.

This advocacy project is part of a wider new initiative launched by Terre des hommes,, which aims to:

• Make children’s rights effective worldwide,

• Promote access to justice and participation of children in formal, and informal justice systems,

• Improve the connection between justice for children and child protection systems,

• Assess the use of deprivation of liberty and promoting non-custodial measures worldwide,

• Exchange practice-oriented strategies to reduce and prevent juvenile crime and proposing effective responses to recidivism.


14h45 – 15h00 : connection of participants

15h00 – 15h10 : Welcome Address
– Barbara Barbara Hintermann, General Director Terre des hommes

15h10 – 15h20 : Introduction :
– Angela Vigil, Baker Pro bono Director Baker McKenzie
– Cédric Foussard, Global Learning and Advocacy Advisor Terre des hommes & Global Initiative on Justice with Children Coordinator

15h20 – 15h50 : Round table The situation of children deprived of Liberty in time of Covid 19
– Moderator : Yann Colliou Head of Justice Sector Terre des hommes
– Ann Skelton Member of the Committee of the Right of the Child
– Philipp Jaffé Member of the Committee of the Right of the Child
– Q&A

15h50 – 16h20 : The Role of child justice professionals in time of pandemic
– Moderator: Taghreed Jaber Mena Director Penal Reform International
– Guillaume Landry General Director International Bureau for Children Rights
– Marta Gil Regional MENA Coordinator Access to Justice Programme Terre des hommes
– Nicole Ford, Lawyer Baker McKenzie

16h20 – 16h30 : Conclusion
– Manfred Nowak Independent Expert leading the United Nations Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty