Clear rights

Enhancing legal assistance for children in Europe

CLEAR RIGHTS project is aimed at improving access of teenagers in conflict with law to quality, pro bono and specialised legal assistance. Also, this project will facilitate contact with lawyers for the young people / children suspected or accused in criminal proceedings.

The project is also meant to cover a gap in the social and legal fields: on one hand the teenagers/ children in conflict with law cannot access the legal assistance they need and do not know their rights, on the other hand there are state-financed pro bono lawyers who are willing to help and don’t know how. CLEAR RIGHTS makes this connection between needs and resources to the benefit of teenagers in disadvantaged communities.


For many children in Europe, criminal justice remains unjust. CLEAR-RIGHTS aims to ensure that free, specialized legal aid is accessible to every child accused or suspected of crime.

Who we involve

CLEAR-RIGHTS supports practitioners from legal aid and pro bono systems, child justice stakeholders and children in conflict with the law. WHAT WE DO We train legal practitioners on childfriendly legal assistance and strengthen collaboration among child-justice professionals. Child advisory boards evaluate and shape quality assessment tools, and lead advocacy events on children’s procedural rights.


The project focuses on Hungary, Romania, Belgium, France and The Netherlands. Its tools and materials will be disseminated across Europe. CLEAR-Rights is led by Terre des hommes Regional Hub in Hungary in partnership with Terre des hommes Romania, PILnet, Alliance of Layers for Human Rights (France), Defense for Children International (Belgium), Defense for Children The Netherlands