Global Initiative on Justice With Children Consortium

Yann Colliou
Terre des hommes Lausanne
David Stucki
International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates (IAYFJM)
Jorge Jiménez
International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates (IAYFJM)
Taghreed Jaber
Penal Reform International

Coordinator of the initiative

Cédric Foussard
Terre des hommes Lausanne


Marta Gil González
Deputy Head Justice Programmes, Terre des hommes Lausanne
Mariana Pérez Cruz
Project Manager Global Initiative JWC, Terre des hommes Lausanne

Meet the 2021 Child & Youth Advisory Group Members

Whitney (CYAG Member)

“My aim is to serve those communities that I grew up in to make a difference in young people's lives. I want to show others that no matter the challenges you come up against there’s always change to be made.”

Alexandra (CYAG Member)

“I am from Bucharest, Romania and I chose to be part of the World Congress on Justice With Children 2021 because I love to help and I considered that my experience in children's justice could help in shaping the Congress.”

Angela (CYAB Member)

"I love when I am able to work with children, teens and young adults while combining my love for helping and my job as a graphic designer to create with them visuals that can tell the world "Hi, we are here and we have something to say".

Eni (CYAB Member)

"We should channel all our energies for more concrete actions and less abstract work because CHILDREN'S VOICES COUNT"

Helen (CYAB Member)

“The reason I'm one of the members of the advisory group is that I believe that every child has a voice and has a right to be heard. I want to create a better place for children in justice and I believe I can help shaping the congress.”

Iliana (CYAB Member)

“My passion is to create a healing and restorative system that works for young people and families, especially marginalised communities.”

Macholi (CYAB Member)

"I'm from Uganda and I am passionate about making the world a better place by acting as a global voice for children in justice and climate change."

Tadjar (CYAB Member)

"I am a child member of the national commission on the rights of the child NCRC PAKISTAN.”

2021 Scientific Committee of the World Congress on Justice With Children

Luis Pedernera
President of the scientific committee
Hernán Carvente Martinez
Founder & Ceo Of Healing Ninjas, Inc - Usa (Mexico)
Marsha Levick
Chief Legal Officer, Juvenile Law Center – Usa
Diane Geraghty
Co-Director, Center For Criminal Justice Research, Policy And Practice At Loyola University, Chicago – Usa
Nicolás Espejo Yaksic
Senior Researcher, Centre For Constitutional Studies (Supreme Court Of Mexico) – Chile
Hazel Thompson-Ahye
Founder And Chairlady Of Child Rights And Restorative Justice Organization (Crarjo) - Trinidad & Tobago
Carlos Tieffer
Director, Juvenile Criminal Justice Program Of The Latin American Institute Of United Nations For The Prevention Of Crime And Treatment Of Offenders (Ilanud) - Costa Rica
Théophane Nikyèma
Special Rapporteur On Children In Conflict With The Law (Acerwc) - Burkina Faso
Gaye Sowe
Executive Director, Institute For Human Rights And Development In Africa (Ihrda) – Gambia
Karabo Ozah
Director, Centre For Child Law At The University Of Pretoria - South Africa
Ton Liefaard
Vice-Dean Of Leiden Law School - The Netherlands
Avril Calder
Former President Of The International Association Of Youth And Family Judges And Magistrates (Iayfjm) – Uk
Olivia Lind Haldorsson
Senior Adviser And Head Of The Children At Risk Unit At The Council Of Baltic Sea States Secretariat – Sweden
Jennifer Davidson
Executive Director Of The Institute For Inspiring Children’s Futures, University Of Strathclyde – Uk
Judge Suhair Tobasi
Inspector, Judicial Council Of Jordan – Jordan
Justice Madan Lokur
Former Judge Of The Supreme Court Of India (Retired) – India
Hannah Mcglade
Associate Professor, Curtin Law School – Australia
Nessa Lynch
Professor, Faculty Of Law | Victoria University Of Wellington - New Zealand