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The Data MOSAIC project will address and prevent violence against children (VAC) within prison settings. The project team aims to achieve this by facilitating more comprehensive and human-rights based data collection and monitoring systems that can effectively detect all forms of violence children may experience in prison so that it can be responded to.   The project aims to facilitate comprehensive and human-rights-based data collection and monitoring systems that can effectively detect all forms of violence experienced by children in prison. This data will enable a timely and appropriate response to such incidents. These systems will be sensitive to the unique experiences of different groups of imprisoned children, including girls, LGBTQI+ children, those with mental health needs or disabilities, and children belonging to marginalised groups, racial, ethnic, religious, or language minorities.




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Funded by the European Union.

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Project Goals


Through the Data MOSAIC project we will create:

  • Better understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities in current data collection systems and practices on violence against children (VAC) in detention across EU
  • Increased capacity of national agencies and child detention facilities to collect data on VAC in detention in a systematic, transparent and non-discriminatory manner 
  • A more child-friendly organisational culture within prison institutions and child justice facilities, supporting greater trust and connectedness between children and professionals 
  • Increased awareness among child justice stakeholders across the EU on importance of improved data collection tools and practices on VAC