About the Advisory Meetings for the 2025 World Congress on Justice With Children

The advisory meetings, previously known as preparatory meetings, are technical consultation gatherings held at both regional and national levels. These meetings play a pivotal role in shaping the themes and content of the World Congress on Justice With Children.

  1. Foster local collaboration to build a network of experts and practitioners.
  2. Identify local challenges, trends, and effective practices in child justice.
  3. Support the operational application of international rules and norms related to the rights of children and youth in conflict with the law through professional training and learning-by-doing activities.
  4. Foster scientific and civic cooperation, raise awareness and formulate policy recommendations on child justice.
  5. Formulate recommendations on thematic, programs and activities that are relevant for children in contact and in conflict with the law in the country of consultation and the region.
Towards 2025