Technology and AI in Child Justice Systems: The implications for children’s human rights- Webinar

The i-ACCESS MyRights project in collaboration with the Global Initiative on Justice With Children is launching a series of webinars to explore digital trends within the child justice system and talk about their impact on the rights of the children in contact with the law.

On the first webinar we’ll launch a policy brief on digital solutions in the child justice system and introduce the i-ACCESS MyRights project. We’ll further dive into how AI driven solutions such as chatbots can support children in accessing information, another, application of AI within the justice context, facial recognition technology and the importance of thorough child rights impact assessment and child participation to monitor how children and children’s right are affected by the application of digital solutions.

The policy brief underscores the critical issue around the use of technology in the child justice systems and its potential impacts on children's human rights. While digital transition and AI solutions within the justice settings are becoming more and more prevalent, little attention has been paid to the impact these have on children in contact with the law and the child justice system.

The policy brief will presents four case studies to elucidate the associated risks and opportunities, while offering recommendations for necessary actions to ensure the lawful, safe and ethical application of digital solutions in the justice system and safeguard children from the potential harm.



  • Dr. Birgit Schippers, expert in human rights and artificial intelligence and legal regulation of new technologies, University of Strathclyde
  • Dr. Valerie Verdoodt, expert in children’s rights in the digital environment and child participation, University of Ghent
  • Dóra Kiss, Senior Project Officer, Access to Justice, Terre des hommes Lausanne Foundation
  • Cédric Foussard, Global Learning and Advocacy Advisor Access to Justice Programme & Coordinator of the Global Initiative on Justice With Children, Terre des hommes Lausanne Foundation.

Don't miss this chance to gain deep insights into the the intersection of digitalization in the justice system and children’s rights and what it means for the future!

Global Initiative on Justice With Children