Webinar: Building an LGBTI+ sensitive justice system for children in Europe

The webinar “ Building an LGBTI+ Sensitive Justice System for Children in Europe”, co-hosted by the Global Initiative on JWC, Terre des hommes Foundation and the Child Friendly Justice European Network (CFJ-EN) focused on addressing challenges faced by LGBTI+ children in European justice systems.

It brought together experts, NGOs, policymakers, and representatives to discuss the need for inclusivity and sensitivity in these systems.

Speakers included:

  • Rú Ávila Rodríguez (IGLYO),
  • Astrid Podsiadlowski (European Union Agency forFundamental Rights),
  • Silvia Randazzo (independent expert),
  • Gabriella Calleja (Council of EuropeSOGI Unit),
  • Theoni Koufonikolakou (Greek Deputy Ombudswoman for Children’s Rights) and
  • Cédric Foussard (Terre des hommes Lausanne).
  • Moderated by Mariama Diallo and Eva Gangneux (CFJ-EN)

The sessions aimed to address important topics related to the experiences of LGBTI+ children within the justice system. The first discussion delved into the reality faced by these children and explored the challenges they encounter. The second discussion focused on the steps necessary to create justice systems that are sensitive to the needs of LGBTI+ children specifically in the European context.

Furthermore, we would like to invite you to consult our joint report, "Towards LGBTI+ Sensitive Justice Systems for Children in Europe".
By examining current policies, practices, and legal frameworks, with this Challenge paper we aim to shed light on the existing gaps and opportunities for creating a more inclusive systems for children.

Read the Challenge paper.

Read Executive summary.

Consult the Glossary.

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