The Global Initiative on Justice with Children proposes regular webinars, and online events, with the support of an international network of experts and academics specialised in child Justice.

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The Global Initiative on Justice with Children offers a series of e-learning resources and online training modules on the most current topics related to child justice.


Certificate of Advanced Studies on Juvenile Justice ( CAS-JJ)

Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh), the International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE) and the Centre for Children’s Rights Studies of the University of Geneva (CIDE / UNIGE) offer a comprehensive interdisciplinary and specialised e-learning training, focusing on child justice and restorative approaches. The CAS-JJ aims to strengthen and to improve the knowledge, attitudes and methodologies to tackle the situation of children and young people in conflict with the law, their families and their community and thus to better support the action of professionals. This online diploma focuses on different aspects related to child justice such as the vulnerability of children in contact with the law, child victimology, and highlights the question of gender and ethnic and cultural diversity in child justice systems. The CAS-JJ aims to provide the necessary skills to strengthen child justice professionals as well as institutions and agencies to provide appropriate support to children. This e-learning diploma is destined to legal professionals, civil servants and practitioners.


• online diploma on Juvenile Justice, focusing on Latin America (in Spanish)
• Certificate of Advanced Studies delivered by the University of Geneva, and recognised by the Universities International Alliance
• Two editions achieved, the third one ongoing with 100 child rights professionals trained from more than 18 differents countries.
• Student’s works published on the website of the University of Geneva and on professional review.
• Academic coordination & tutors located in Latin America.

Courses focuses in other geographical regions are currently under development.


Course based on 5 e-learning modules:

1. Juvenile justice and restorative approach
2. Juvenile justice topics
3. Specialised juvenile justice procedures and professionals
4. Execution of measures using the restorative approach
5. Graduation work

Each module takes place over 7 weeks. It includes different forms of online teaching and learning: videos, collaborative activities and other relevant training activities adapted to the programme.




• The Centre for Children’s Rights Studies, University of Geneva
• Terre des hommes Foundation, Lausanne (Switzerland)
• The International Institute for the Rights of the Child