Terre des hommes  Foundation – Helping children worldwide

Terre des hommes Foundation (Lausanne) is the largest Swiss organization for child relief. With delegations in over 30 countries and its expertise in the domains of health and child protection, Terre des hommes offers practical solutions and a better future for over one million children and their mothers each year. This engagement is financed by individual and institutional support, of which more than 85% flows directly into the programs. Terre des hommes was founded in Lausanne in 1960.

Penal Reform International

Penal Reform International (PRI) is an independent nongovernmental organisation that develops and promotes fair, effective and proportionate responses to criminal justice problems worldwide. It promotes the rights of detainees to fair and humane treatment, and campaigns for the prevention of torture and the abolition of the death penalty, and works to ensure both just and appropriate responses for children and women who come into contact with the law.

International Association of Family and Youth Judges and Magistrates

IAYFJM is a worldwide organisation, dating to before the first World War and formally established in Belgium in 1928. It is dedicated to the study and exchange of information on issues concerning children and young people in need of care and protection and/or in conflict with the law, and their families. It aims to identify, publicise and promote best practice in these fields. The languages of the Association are French, English and Spanish.