World Congresses on Justice With Children represent spaces for exchange and participation of stakeholders and academic representatives as well as members of the society. World Congresses are held every 3 or 4 years in a different country and focus on the most recent topics related to juvenile justice. Preparatory sessions are organized at regional and domestic level to determine the main issues and agenda of the coming world congress.

This section is dedicated to the preparations for the World Congress 2024 edition and all joint events of the Global Initiative on Justice With Children of 2022-2024.



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Monday 15th May- Wednesday 17th May 2023
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Children and young people (CYP) who come into contact and / or conflict with the law are likely to have a neuro-disability (ND), which is a form of condition of the brain that leads to developmental impairment. The most common being Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) caused by falls, accidents, fights and assaults, which recent studies have shown to be present in more than half of young people incarcerated. The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, in its General Comment 24 on juvenile justice, states that children with Neuro-disability (ND) are heavily represented in those who enter custody. Those children should have their needs identified whilst detained, but, foremost, should not be at risk of being imprisoned in the first place.

This workshop aims to identify how United Nations member states may protect the rights of children and young people with Neuro-disability (ND) who are in contact and/or in conflict with the law. Neuro-Disabilities, such as Traumatic Brain injury may often underlie behaviours that are criminalised. This session will present examples of policy and practice developments in this area – pre-judicial, judicial and custody. Key experts in this field will provide examples of good practices, and we will establish a working group to encourage future innovations. The results of this session would not only improve lives of those affected, but also, we argue, reduce future crime.

15-17 May


Preparatory meetings for the World Congresses are regional or national meetings held to define key challenges and priorities in juvenile justice advocacy, share promising practices, and identify the most relevant issues and action-oriented recommendations for the next edition of the World Congresses.

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08 March