This is a collection of accounts about children in detention around the world for any of a variety of reasons including in connection with security forces and the criminal justice system, immigration and refugees, displaced persons, family detention or for any reason.  The symbol represents accounts from the media or reports from NGOs and non-profit organizations. The symbol represents accounts from individuals, community members and families who have alerted those organizing this website to children in detention by individuals.  We collect these accounts as a public service to alert those who can make a difference to the needs of children in detention and to encourage advocacy of them no matter where they are in the world.


Do you know of children in detention somewhere in the world that you want to share with others?  Do you want to share information about a child or children deprived of liberty to bring attention to their circumstances or conditions?  Provide information in the attached form with as many facts and details as you are able to share.  By completing this form, that information will be shared with Terre des Hommes and their partners working to advocate for children in detention.

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