Justice in times of crises

Joint efforts to safeguard the rights of children in contact with the law, especially during times of crises...

Justice With Children believes that all children, regardless of their circumstances, deserve protection and support, especially when faced with challenges such as the climate crisis, health crises, or armed conflicts.

Our dedicated efforts are centered around ensuring that these vulnerable children are provided with the necessary safeguards, assistance, and access to justice.


Environmental crises




Children are disproportionately affected by the consequences of environmental degradation and climate-related disasters.

Ensuring their protection is essential as they bear the brunt of a changing climate that can disrupt their health, education, and overall well-being. Additionally, providing children with access to environmental litigation as individuals is crucial. It empowers them to participate actively in shaping policies and decisions that affect their environment and future.

Moreover, Children who are deprived of their liberty are an often overlooked and vulnerable population, facing additional challenges due to their restricted environment.

As climate change intensifies, it can result in extreme weather events, heatwaves, and inadequate access to essential resources, which can disproportionately impact children in detention facilities.

Ensuring their protection involves implementing appropriate measures to mitigate the risks and provide necessary safeguards during climate-related emergencies.

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Health Crisis



The COVID-19 pandemic posed numerous challenges that directly impacted children's well-being, safety, and access to justice. Children who entered into contact with the law faced unique vulnerabilities, including increased risks of violence, exploitation, and limited access to essential services.

During and after COVID-19, the Global Initiative on Justice with Children and Terre des hommes called on States to release all children from immigration detention and accelerate the release of children deprived of liberty in criminal justice or protection facilities.

Urgent attention should be given to the implementation of non-custodial measures to ensure children’s safe reintegration into families and communities.

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Armed Conflicts



Protecting children during armed conflicts, especially those who come into contact with the law, is of utmost importance.

These children are particularly vulnerable and at risk of severe physical, emotional, and psychological harm. By providing them with protection and support, we can help mitigate the devastating impact of armed conflicts on their lives.

It is essential to ensure that children are shielded from violence, exploitation, and recruitment as child soldiers. Moreover, safeguarding their rights and well-being is crucial in preventing the perpetuation of cycles of violence and fostering long-term peace and stability.

By offering appropriate care, rehabilitation, and reintegration services, we can empower these children to overcome their experiences and reintegrate into society as productive and resilient individuals.

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