New advocacy brief on climate in-justice for children is out now!

Tue, 24 October, 2023


The Global Initiative on Justice With Children presented a groundbreaking advocacy brief titled "Climate In-justice forChildren," highlighting the disproportionate impact of climate change on children, especially those in contact with the justice system. 

This Advocacy Brief was published in collaboration with Fundación Tierra de hombres,IAYFJM, Penal Reform International, Baker McKenzie, Institute for Inspiring Children's Futures- University ofStrathclyde, Child Rights Connect, and Child RightsInternational Network - CRIN.

The brief focuses on four emergency snapshots:

1. Strategic climate litigation

2. Right to freedom of association and peaceful assembly

3. Administration of justice during the climate crisis

4. Societal and urban change & children and youth crime prevention strategies

This brief is a significant stride towards implementing the UN CRC General Comment 26 on children's rights and the environment, emphasising 'Access to Justice & Remedies' for children and youth (section D of UNCRC's General Comment 26).

Children and young people worldwide are bearing the brunt of climate change. Those who come into contact with the justice system are in an even more vulnerable situation and have even less means of adapting.

Read the Advocacy Brief